Are All Web Guys Flaky?

I recently had a meeting with a local business owner.  One of the first things he said was, “Don’t take this the wrong way…but most people in your industry are flaky.  How do I know that you are not one of them?”  My guess is, you probably agree with him.

I hear this statement in almost every first-time meeting, and although it is sad, it is true.  Most web guys are flaky.  They make a bunch of promises they can’t keep, miss deadlines, and end up charging more than the initial agreed-upon price.  Sound familiar?  The end result is a website that looks like it works on the surface, but definitely isn’t what you expected.  Not to mention, the code underneath the site is horrendous and a nightmare when it comes to future updates.

Why are there so many flaky web guys?

Just like every other industry, there are self-proclaimed ‘experts’ that actually have little understanding behind what they are doing.  Funny thing is, you couldn’t convince them otherwise.  They take no advice and truly believe they are the best.  But, their work says otherwise.

Alternatively, there are web guys who are great at coding but have no business sense.  They are not organized and do not see the importance of clear communication and sticking to deadlines.  My guess is that they have been sitting in their living room coding for a long time but have never taken the time to build their skills as a business person.  Yet, they open their own business and you know what happens next.

So, how do you know that Fused Creative Crew is not flaky?

The whole reason Fused Creative Crew exists is to relieve the frustration that business owners are experiencing in regards to online marketing, especially when the frustration is a result the previous web guy’s failure to deliver.  I would like to say that there is something magical about what we do that is different, but it is actually rather simple.  We deliver what we promise.  We do not make promises we can’t keep.  We communicate clearly and consistently.  We do what it takes to turn frustration into a love for your website.

The words above are just words until you take a step of faith by allowing us to walk them out.  Our current and past clients know these words are true because we have shown them, and we would love the opportunity to show you too.  So, send us a message or call us today.  We would love to learn about your business or organization and discuss how we may be able to help it grow through online marketing.