Domain Search

How to Choose and Register Your Domain

How to Choose a Domain Name

  1. Use your business name if it is available and not too long.  For example, we found that is longer than desired, so we decided to go with for our domain.  However, we purchased the longer domain as well to make sure no one else could.
  2. When your desired domain name is not available, get creative.  Consider adding short, relevant words to your business name.  For example:, or

How to Register Your Domain Name

We have found that it is best to register your domain with the same company that will host your website.  When multiple companies are used, it often ends in a great, big headache.

We recommend Bluehost for hosting and domain name registration.  The Bluehost system will walk you through the entire process of getting a hosting account and reserving your domain name.

Need help with your website?

When starting a business, you may or may not have time to get your website up and running. There are great tools available for do-it-yourselfers (i.e., but we are here for those who would rather not mess with it.

So, visit our portfolio if you would like to see a few websites we have done. Then, send us a quick message to get things started.