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The Best Business Phone System for Entrepreneurs

Best Business Phone System

The Best Business Phone System for Entrepreneurs

Finding a phone system that works both for your business and your wallet is tough.  There are so many options available with endless features to consider.  After what seemed like and endless search, I finally found the perfect solution.  Before I introduce you to this amazing business phone system, I want to give you an overview of the features I was looking for and the features I did not want that many of the well-known solutions have in common.

What I Was Looking For in a Business Phone System

  • Cost Effective – As a startup/growing business, it is important to keep expenses down and not waste money.  So, cost was important.  I did not want to be capped by a certain amount of minutes, and I also did not want to pay for a bunch of features I did not need.
  • One iPhone, Two Phone Numbers – I did not want calls to be forwarded to my personal number.  I wanted to use my iPhone to run two separate phone numbers: personal and business.  I enjoy the simple life and try to operate with the least amount of devices possible.  I mean, who wants to carry around two phones just so they can have two separate numbers?
  • Custom Voicemail Greeting – I really didn’t mind handing out my personal phone number to business clients until I was trying to figure out how to make my voicemail greeting cater to both my friends/family and clients.  So, I needed something that would ring on my iPhone, but transfer to a custom voicemail greeting if I missed the call.
  • Voicemail to Email – The more business conversation that comes through email, the better – because then it is searchable.  So, having voicemails transcribed to text and emailed to me was a must-have feature.

What I Did Not Want

  • Phone Number Forwarding – Like I mentioned above, I did not want a business number that simply forwarded to my personal number.  I wanted to keep them separate.  There is at least one business phone system out there that simply acts as an auto attendant and then forwards the call to the correct person.  This was not for me.
  • Auto-Attendant – A classic business phone feature is the auto-attendant.  Although this is helpful if you are running a huge customer service operation, I think it is a horrible solution for small business.  I don’t know about you, but I want a person to pick up the phone when I call, not have to go through a series of prompts first.
  • Bloated Feature List – In the complex world we live in, I find simplicity valuable.  So, I was not interested in the phone systems that had a big, long feature list.  I wanted something that simply did what I needed it to do.

The Perfect Solution: SendHub

After a long, long search, I found exactly what I was looking for: SendHub. The pricing structure is great and the software behind the phone system is amazing. Now, I simply have an app on my iPhone which enables me to send/receive phone calls and texts with my business number, keeping it separate from my personal number. There is also a web interface available when needed that works in your browser. When I receive a business call, it rings with a different tone on my iPhone and I can pick it up just like if it were a normal call.  Plus, it has its own voicemail which even transcribes and sends me an email. I could go on and on about why this is a great product, but it would probably be better for you just to find out for yourself by getting $15 off your first paid month.