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Protecting Yourself from SEO Scammers: 3 Things to Look For

Protecting Yourself from SEO Scammers: 3 Things to Look For

It is highly likely that you have received a call or email from someone claiming to be an ‘SEO expert’.  They probably made mention of how you are currently not ranking well in Google search results with a promise of bringing you to the top.  Those who do not understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) easily fall prey to these tactics.

Although SEO is a real skill, it is only effective when used in combination with other things, such as website design, speed and user experience.  The last thing you want is a website that ‘tricks’ the search engine to bring you to the top of the list because of keyword stuffing and irrelevant backlinking.  Although this may work for a little while, it will eventually hurt you in the long run.  Search engines have a way of catching on to spammy content, and once they do, will send you to the back of the list.

True SEO does not happen overnight.

If someone is promising quick results with SEO, run the other direction. They are definitely scamming you.  Although they may have shortcuts to get quick results, I can promise that you do not want to be a part of it.   In reality, it takes months before you start to see results from your SEO efforts.  It is much like building wealth.  Those who chase get-rich-quick schemes end up broke.  But, those who are diligent to earn, save, and invest end up financially secure.

SEO is not a magical skill.

If someone makes SEO sound like a skill that requires some kind of magical know-how, run the other direction.  There is nothing magical about SEO.  Of course, it takes a bit of technical knowledge to get it right, but it is a learnable skill.  For the most part, if you simply create each webpage with the goal of serving the end user as best as possible, Google will take notice.  Remember, Google’s goal is to deliver the best content available.  They are looking for websites that serve people, not search engines.

SEO results cannot be guaranteed.

If you are being promised first-page results on Google, run the other direction.  There is absolutely no way to guarantee search results.  However, you can increase your chances by serving your audience well in addition to implementing the technical aspects of SEO.  The question should not be, “How can I manipulate my way to the top”, but “How can I offer the most value to my audience”.  When you get this right, you will begin to see results and your website will have a greater impact.

Google is looking for websites that serve people, not search engines. Tweet Quote

When hiring someone to help your business with online marketing, it is best to find a firm that not only understands the right way to handle SEO, but also helps you build a relevant social media following and email list.  The goal of any website is to build an audience that is interested in what you have to offer.  A smaller audience of interested leads is much more valuable that a large audience that is not interested.  Plus, a massive audience generated using spammy tactics will hurt you in the long run, every time.  So, dedicate yourself to the long-haul and focus on serving your audience to the best of your ability.

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