Scanning QR Code

Should I use QR codes?

Although it is slowly disappearing, there is still quite a bit of hype about QR codes. You may have seen one recently on a business card or flyer, thought it looked cool, and decided that you should have one too. There is no harm in using QR codes, but they are really not worth the time or re-printing costs.

Why QR Codes Will Never Stick

  1. They are too troublesome to use. Although most smartphones now have a native app in which you can scan QR codes, it is still a lot of trouble to open up the app and position your phone just right so the camera can capture the QR code and return the results.
  2. People just don’t get it. A 2012 study reports that 97% of consumers do not even know what a QR code is. Truth is, they have probably seen one but are just unsure what to do with it.
  3. Too much attention is drawn to the person scanning the QR code. I have seen QR codes all over the place, especially on flyers posted on a wall or elsewhere. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to be the person everyone is looking at while I try to scan the QR code on the wall.

Although there are great uses for the QR code, such as mobile airline boarding passes, a small business will most likely not benefit from their use. Bottom line, never do something just because someone else is doing it. Spend time researching and then decide if it will truly make an impact on your business.